Thursday, February 19, 2015

Collection of Pcap files from malware analysis

Update: Feb 19. 2015

We have been adding pcaps to the collection so remember to check out the folder ( Pcap collection) for the recent pcaps.

I had a project to test some malicious and exploit pcaps and collected a lot of them (almost 1000) from various public sources. You can see them in the PUBLIC folder. The credits go to the authors of the pcaps listed in the name of each file. Please visit their blogs and sites to see more information about the pcaps, see their recent posts, and send them thanks. The public pcaps have no passwords on them.

Update:Dec 13. 2014 

Despite rare updates of this post, we have been adding pcaps to the collection so remember to check out the folder ( Pcap collection) for the recent pcaps!

Update:Dec 31. 2013 - added new pcaps

I did some spring cleaning yesterday and came up with these malware and exploit pcaps. Such pcaps are very useful for IDS and signature testing and development, general education, and malware identification. While there are some online public sandboxes offering pcaps for download like Cuckoo or Anubis but  looking for them is a tedious task and you cannot be totally sure the pcap is for the malware family supposedly analysed - in other words, if the sandbox says it is Zeus does not necessarily mean that it is.

I found some good pcap repositories here ( but there are very few pcaps from malware.

These are from identified and verified (to the best of my knowledge and belief - email me if you find errors) malware samples.

All of them show the first stage with the initial callback and most have the DNS requests as well. A few pcaps show extended malware runs (e.g. purplehaze pcap is over 500mb).
Most pcaps are mine, a few are from online sandboxes, and one is borrowed from That said, I can probably find the corresponding samples for all that have MD5 listed if you really need them. Search contagio, some are posted with the samples.

Each file has the following naming convention:
BIN [RTF, PDF] - the filetype of the dropper used, malware family name, MD5, and year+month of the malware analysis.

I will be adding more pcaps in the future. Please donate your pcaps from identified samples, I am sure many of you have.

Thank you


Download all together or separately.

All pcaps archives have the same password (same scheme), email me if you need it. I tried posting it without any passwords and pass infected but they get flagged as malware. Modern AV rips though zips and zips with the pass 'infected' with ease.


See Library of Malware Traffic Patterns for the corresponding sample downloads and other details

  1. 2012-12-31 BIN_Xinmic_8761F29AF1AE2D6FACD0AE5F487484A5-pcap
  2. 2013-09-08 BIN_TrojanPage_86893886C7CBC7310F7675F4EFDE0A29-pcap
  3. 2013-09-08 BIN_Darkcomet_DC98ABBA995771480AECF4769A88756E-pcap
  4. 2013-09-02 8202_tbd_ 6D2C12085F0018DAEB9C1A53E53FD4D1-pcap
  5. 2013-09-02 BIN_8202_6d2c12085f0018daeb9c1a53e53fd4d1-pcap
  6. 2013-09-02 BIN_Vidgrab_6fd868e68037040c94215566852230ab-pcap
  7. 2013-09-02 BIN_PlugX_2ff2d518313475a612f095dd863c8aea-pcap
  8. 2013-09-02 BIN_Taidoor_46ef9b0f1419e26f2f37d9d3495c499f-pcap
  9. 2013-09-02 BIN_Vidgrab_660709324acb88ef11f71782af28a1f0-pcap
  10. 2013-09-02
  11. 2013-07-15 BIN_Taleret.E_5328cfcb46ef18ecf7ba0d21a7adc02c.pcap
  12. 2013-05-14 BIN_Mediana_0AE47E3261EA0A2DBCE471B28DFFE007_2012-10.pcap
  13. 2013-05-14 BIN_Hupigon_8F90057AB244BD8B612CD09F566EAC0C
  14. 2013-05-14 BIN_LetsGo_yahoosb_b21ba443726385c11802a8ad731771c0_2011-07-19
  15. 2013-05-13 BIN_IXESHE_0F88D9B0D237B5FCDC0F985A548254F2-2013-05-pcap
  16. 2013-05-06 BIN_DNSWatch_protux_4F8A44EF66384CCFAB737C8D7ADB4BB8_2012-11-pcap
  17. 2013-05-06 BIN_9002_D4ED654BCDA42576FDDFE03361608CAA_2013-01-30-pcap
  18. 2013-05-06 BIN_BIN_RssFeeder_68EE5FDA371E4AC48DAD7FCB2C94BAC7-2012-06-pcap (not a common name, see the traffic ssheet )
  19. 2013-04-30 BIN_MSWab_Yayih_FD1BE09E499E8E380424B3835FC973A8_us-pcap
  20. 2013-04-29 BIN_LURK_AF4E8D4BE4481D0420CCF1C00792F484_20120-10-pcap
  21. 2013-04-29 BIN_XTremeRAT_DAEBFDED736903D234214ED4821EAF99_2013-04-13-pcap
  22. BIN_Enfal_Lurid_0fb1b0833f723682346041d72ed112f9_2013-01.pcap
  23. BIN_Gh0st_variant-v2010_B1D09374006E20FA795B2E70BF566C6D_2012-08.pcap
  24. BIN_Likseput_E019E37F19040059AB5662563F06B609_2012-10.pcap
  25. BIN_Nettravler_1f26e5f9b44c28b37b6cd13283838366.pcap
  26. BIN_Nettravler_DA5832657877514306EDD211DEF61AFE_2012-10.pcap
  27. BIN_Sanny-Daws_338D0B855421867732E05399A2D56670_2012-10.pcap
  28. BIN_Sofacy_a2a188cbf74c1be52681f998f8e9b6b5_2012-10.pcap
  29. BIN_Taidoor_40D79D1120638688AC7D9497CC819462_2012-10.pcap
  30. BIN_TrojanCookies_840BD11343D140916F45223BA05ABACB_2012_01.pcap
  31. PDF_CVE-2011-2462_Pdf_2011-12.pcap
  32. RTF_Mongall_Dropper_Cve-2012-0158_C6F01A6AD70DA7A554D48BDBF7C7E065_2013-01.pcap
  33. OSX_DocksterTrojan.pcap


See Library of Malware Traffic Patterns for the corresponding sample downloads and other details

  1. 2013-11-12_BIN_ChePro_2A5E5D3C536DA346849750A4B8C8613A-1.pcap
  2. 2013-10-15_BIN_cryptolocker_9CBB128E8211A7CD00729C159815CB1C.pcap
  3. 2013-09-20_BIN_Lader-dlGameoverZeus_12cfe1caa12991102d79a366d3aa79e9.pcap
  4. 2013-09-08 BIN_Tijcont_845B0945D5FE0E0AAA16234DC21484E0-pcap
  5. 2013-09-08
  6. 2013-08-19 BIN_Nitedrem_508af8c499102ad2ebc1a83fdbcefecb-pcap
  7. 2013-08-17 BIN_sality_CEAF4D9E1F408299144E75D7F29C1810-pcap
  8. 2013-08-15
  9. 2013-13-08 EK_popads_109.236.80.170_2013-08-13.pcap
  10. 2013-11-08 BIN_Alinav5.3_4C754150639AA3A86CA4D6B6342820BE.pcap
  11. 2013-08-08 BIN_BitcoinMiner_F865C199024105A2FFDF5FA98F391D74-pcap
  12. 2013-08-07 BIN_ZeroAccess_Sirefef_C2A9CCC8C6A6DF1CA1725F955F991940_2013-08-pcap
  13. 2013-07-05 BIN_Kuluoz-Asprox_9F842AD20C50AD1AAB41F20B321BF84B
  14. 2013-05-31 Wordpress-Mutopy_Symmi_20A6EBF61243B760DD65F897236B6AD3-2pcap.pcap
  15. 2013-05-15 BIN_Zeus_b1551c676a54e9127cd0e7ea283b92cc-2012-04.pcap
  16. 2013-05-15 BIN_Gypthoy_3EE49121300384FF3C82EB9A1F06F288-2013-05.pcap
  17. 2013-05-12 BIN_PassAlert_B4A1368515C6C39ACEF63A4BC368EDB2-2013-05-13
  18. 2013-05-12 BIN_HorstProxy_EFE5529D697174914938F4ABF115F762-2013-05-13-pcap
  19. 2013-05-12 BIN_Bitcoinminer_12E717293715939C5196E604591A97DF-2013-05-12-pcap
  20. 2013-05-07 BIN_ZeroAccess_Sirefef_29A35124ABEAD63CD8DB2BBB469CBC7A_2013-05-pcapc
  21. 2013-05-05 BIN_PowerLoader_4497A231DA9BD0EEA327DDEC4B31DA12_2013-05-pcap
  22. 2013-05-05 BIN_GameThief_ECBA0FEB36F9EF975EE96D1694C8164C_2013-03-pcap
  23. 2013-05-05 BIN_PowerLoader_4497A231DA9BD0EEA327DDEC4B31DA12_2013-05-pcap
  24. 2013-04-27 EK_BIN_Blackhole_leadingto_Medfos_0512E73000BCCCE5AFD2E9329972208A_2013-04-pcap
  25. 2013-04-26 -- BIN_Citadel_3D6046E1218FB525805E5D8FDC605361-2013-04-samp 
  26. BIN_CitadelPacked_2012-05.pcap
  27. BIN_CitadelUnpacked_2012-05.pcap
  28. BIN_Cutwail_284Fb18Fab33C93Bc69Ce392D08Fd250_2012-10.pcap
  29. BIN_Darkmegi_2012-04.pcap
  30. BIN_DarknessDDoS_v8g_F03Bc8Dcc090607F38Ffb3A36Ccacf48_2011-01.pcap-
  31. BIN_dirtjumper_2011-10.pcap
  32. BIN_DNSChanger_2011-12.pcap
  33. BIN_Drowor_worm_0f015bb8e2f93fd7076f8d178df2450d_2013-04.pcap
  34. BIN_Googledocs_macadocs_2012-12.pcap
  35. BIN_Imaut_823e9bab188ad8cb30c14adc7e67066d.pcap
  36. BIN_IRCbot_c6716a417f82ccedf0f860b735ac0187_2013-04.pcap
  37. BIN_Kelihos_aka_Nap_0feaaa4adc31728e54b006ab9a7e6afa.pcap
  38. BIN_LoadMoney_MailRu_dl_4e801b46068b31b82dac65885a58ed9e_2013-04 .pcap
  39. BIN_purplehaze-2012-01.pcap
  40. BIN_ponyloader_470a6f47de43eff307a02f53db134289.pcap
  41. BIN_Ramnitpcap_2012-01.pcap
  42. BIN_Reedum_0ca4f93a848cf01348336a8c6ff22daf_2013-03.pcap
  43. BIN_SpyEye_2010-02.pcap
  44. BIN_Stabuniq_F31B797831B36A4877AA0FD173A7A4A2_2012-12.pcap
  45. BIN_Tbot_23AAB9C1C462F3FDFDDD98181E963230_2012-12.pcap
  46. BIN_Tbot_2E1814CCCF0C3BB2CC32E0A0671C0891_2012-12.pcap
  47. BIN_Tbot_5375FB5E867680FFB8E72D29DB9ABBD5_2012-12.pcap
  48. BIN_Tbot_A0552D1BC1A4897141CFA56F75C04857_2012-12.pcap
  49. BIN_Tbot_FC7C3E087789824F34A9309DA2388CE5_2012-12.pcap
  50. BIN_Tinba_2012-06.pcap
  51. BIN_Vobfus_634AA845F5B0B519B6D8A8670B994906_2012-12.pcap
  52. BIN_Xpaj_2012-05.pcap
  53. BIN_ZeroAccess_3169969E91F5FE5446909BBAB6E14D5D_2012-10.pcap
  54. BIN_ZeusGameover_2012-02.pcap
  55. BIN_Zeus_2010-12.pcap
  56. EK_Blackholev1_2012-03.pcap
  57. EK_Blackholev1_2012-08.pcap
  58. EK_Blackholev2_2012-09.pcap
  59. EK_Blackhole_Java_CVE-2012-4681_2012-08.pcap
  60. EK_Phoenix_2012-04.pcap
  61. EK_Smokekt150(Malwaredontneedcoffee)_2012-09.pcap -  credit


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