Saturday, June 1, 2013

DeepEnd Research: Under this rock... Vulnerable Wordpress/Joomla sites... Overview of the RFI botnet malware arsenal

Exploits directed at Wordpress and/or Joomla content management systems(CMS) have been increasing at a dramatic rate over the past year. Internet blogs and forums are flooded with posts about hacked CMS installations. Popular jargon refers to the attackers as "hackers", but it is generally understood that these mass compromises are being performed via automated scanners and tools. However, we believe that there is not enough coverage of the actual malware involved.

One such infection scheme is essentially the following:

A downloader trojan  (Mutopy  - Win32) (20a6ebf61243b760dd65f897236b6ad3 Virustotal) instructs the infected host to download:
1) Remote File Injector "Symmi" (Win32) 7958f73daf4b84e3b00e008258ea2e7a Virustotal 
2) SDbot (Win32) - aaee52bfb589f6534c4b51e3b144dc08 Virustotal 
3) PHP scripts for injecting into compromised Wordpress sites. Among them a PHP spambot (victimized site owners often get alerted about copious amount of meds and spam porn emanating from their sites). This is also the source of varied links for spam using thousands of various links redirecting to the same sites (e.g. weightloss, work at home scams, or porn sites)

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