Friday, August 9, 2013

DeepEnd Research: List of malware pcaps, samples, and indicators for the Library of Malware Traffic Patterns

The library of malware traffic patterns have been popular. We found it very useful as well ourselves and we encourage you to send your contributions. I know at some point the spreadsheet will become unwieldy but I personally find it the most easy way (easy sort, search etc)

Currently, most of the samples described have the corresponding samples and pcaps available for download (email Mila @contagio for the password)
such as you see in the links below

Email us at mila [a t ] or adimino [a t]

The current list of malware described (as of Aug. 9, 2013)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Defcon 21 Archives Speaker Materials

Hope it is not a copyright violation and won't cause too much hate. I know Defcon will post better and complete data soon but many / most attendees did not receive the presentation CDs to their great sadness because there were not enough CDs available for all. Many authors and attendees published Defcon and Blackhat presentations online as well -you can track them via Twitter

You can download it here for now. Check Defcon website often, they will post it soon. The list of files of the speaker materials is below. The zip file also includes short stories. Please note that some presentations submitted for the DVD were somewhat / significantly different from what was presented. But better this than nothing, right?