Monday, November 2, 2009

New banking trojan W32.Silon -msjet51.dll

Links updated: Jan 18, 2023

If you have msjet51.dll in system32, you probably have a very dangerous banking trojan on your computer.


Download. Email me if you need the password.

See PDF for full analysis


Browser Penetration
When Internet Explorer runs, it loads several DLLs into its memory to
flexibly enhance its functionality. One of these DLLs is msimtf.dll (a
Microsoft-signed DLL used to record keyboard inputs), which is not a
core DLL of Internet Explorer.
The malware dropper replaces a specific GUID =>
F4CEAAF59CFC} which points to msimtf.dll, with msjet51.dll (under

Once infected, every time the user runs Internet Explorer, msjet51.dll
is loaded into iexplore.exe. Apparently, this installation step is carried
out by the dropper, and not by the DLL itself.
The DLL file (msjet51.dll) is located in systemroot%\System32, and
has its hidden attribute turned on.
Additional File / Registry Key
W32.Silon uses the disk volume serial number to generate a machinespecific
consistent file name and a registry key name. The disk volume
serial number for a specific machine can easily be found by issuing the
vol command. Assuming that the disk volume serial number is
H1H2H3H4-H5H6H7H8, the following entries are created:
· File %Systemroot%\Temp\H1H2H3H4H5H6H7H8 - output file of the
malware. The malware writes encrypted data (stolen credentials)
into this file.
· Registry key HKCU\CLSID\{H1H2H3H4H5H6H7H8-H3H4H5H6-
H5H6H7H8-H3H4H5H6- H2H3H4H5H1H2H3H4H5H6H7H8}\n,
where the following values of n were observed:
· 0 the malware configuration
· 1 the C&C URLs
· 3,4 additional values (probably flags)

The malware then injects itself into iexplore.exe and svchost.exe.
It also removes itself from the loaded-module list of iexplore.exe, in
order to elude runtime analysis by anti-virus engines.
The malware writes its data into a hidden file under the
%systemroot%\Temp folder.
The file is encrypted by one-byte XOR with 0xFF (25510).

As mentioned above, the registry key
H2H3H4H5H1H2H3H4H5H6H7H8} contains four values:
0 malware configuration
1 C&C URLs
3, 4 Additional values (probably flags)

W32.Silon intercepts the POST request, and writes the
login data into an encrypted file in the
%systemroot%\System32\Temp folder.

POST request which is sent to the C&C Server. The
server's URL is one of a list stored in the registry.
[D]:12.10.09 14:37:01 PM
[U]:https://www4. [REMOVED]/.com/internetBanking/RequestRouter

[D]:12.10.09 14:37:47 PM
[U]:https://www4. [REMOVED]/.com/internetBanking/RequestRouter
[R]:https://www4. [REMOVED]/.com/internetBanking/RequestRouter
W32.Silon Malware Analysis
To identify the machine which sent the POST request, W32.Silon adds
the i parameter to the request:
POST /b/i.php?i=<Machine_ID>.
The machine id contains the hostname (with x replacing
hyphens/underscores) followed by an underscore, followed by the disk
volume serial number (H1H2H3H4H5H6H7H8).

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