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Defcon 18 Audio in MP3 files

 Defcon 18 MP3 files

  1. Track-1_Perspectives_in_Cybersecurity_and_Cyberwarfare_Max_Kelly
  2. Track 1 Meet the Feds - CSITCPIP Panel
  3. Track 1 DNS Systemic Vulnerabilities and Risk Management A Discussion Panel
  4. Track 1 Meet the Feds - Policy, Privacy, Deterrence and Cyber War Panel 
  5. Track 1 Enough Cyber Talk Already! Help Get this Collaboration Engine Running Riley Repko 
  6. Track 1 Open Letter - Call to Action Panel
  7. Track 1 Of Bytes and Bullets Panel 
  8. Track 1 Exploiting WebSphere Application Server’s JSP Engine Ed Schaller
  9. Track 1 Mastering the Nmap Scripting Engine Fyodor David Fifield
  10. Track 1 Meet the EFF Kevin Bankston- Eva Galperin- Jennifer Granick- Marcia Hofmann- Kurt Opsahl
  11. Track 1 Black Ops Of Fundamental Defense Web Edition Dan Kaminsky
  12. Track 1 Legal Developments in Hardware Hacking Jennifer Granick Matt Zimmerman
  13. Track 1 App Attack Surviving the Mobile Application Explosion Kevin Mahaffey John Hering
  14. Track 1 This is Not the Droid You’re Looking For Nicholas J. Percoco- Christian Papathanasiou
  15. Track 1 Practical Cellphone Spying Chris Paget
  16. Track 1 HD Voice - The Overdue Revolution Doug Mohney
  17. Track 1 These Aren’t the Permissions You’re Looking For  Anthony Lineberry- David Luke Richardson- Tim Wyatt
  18. Track 1 Mobile Privacy Tor on the iPhone and Other Unusual Devices Marco Bonetti
  19. Track 1 Resilient Botnet Command and Control with Tor
  20. Track 1 Ripping Media Off Of the Wire HONEY
  21. Track 1 The Search for Perfect Handcuffs... and the Perfect Handcuff Key Deviant Ollam- Dave- Dr. Tran- Ray
  22. Track 1 Attack the Key, Own the Lock Schuyler Towne- datagram
  23. Track 1 PCI Compromising Controls and Compromising Security Jack Daniel Panel
  24. Track 1 How I Met Your Girlfriend Samy Kamkar
  25. Track 1 Decoding reCAPTCHA Chad Houck- Jason Lee
  26. Track 1 So Many Ways to Slap A Yo-Ho Xploiting Yoville and Facebook for Tom Stracener Strace- Sean Barnum- Chris Peterson
  27. Track 1 Social Networking Special Ops Extending Data Visualization Tools The Suggmeister
  28. Track 1 Getting Social with the Smart Grid Justin Morehouse Tony Flick

  1. Track 2 An Examination of the Adequacy of the Laws Related to Cyber Warfare Dondi West
  2. Track 2 Balancing the Pwn Trade Deficit Val Smith- Colin Ames- Anthony Lai
  3. Track 2 Build Your Own Security Operations Center for Little or No Money
  4. Track 2 Cloud Computing, a Weapon of Mass Destruction David VideoMan- M. N.Bryan- Michael Anderson
  5. Track 2 Cyber CrimeWarCharting Dangerous Waters Iftach Ian Amit
  6. Track 2 Cyberterrorism and the Security of the National Drinking Water Infrastructure John McNabb
  7. Track 2 Drivesploit Circumventing Both Automated AND Manual Wayne Huang
  8. Track 2 Exploiting SCADA Systems Jeremy Brown
  9. Track 2 Hacking and Protecting Oracle Database Vault Esteban Martínez Fayó
  10. Track 2 Hacking Oracle From Web Apps
  11. Track 2 How Unique Is Your Browser Peter Eckersley
  12. Track 2 Industrial Cyber Security Wade Polk- Paul Malkewicz- J. Novak
  13. Track 2 Kim Jong-il and Me How to Build a Cyber Army to Defeat the U.S. Charlie Miller
  14. Track 2 Lord of the Bing Taking Back Search Engine Hacking Rob Ragan- Francis Brown
  15. Track 2 Multiplayer Metasploit Tag-Team Penetration and Information Gathering Ryan Linn
  16. Track 2 NoSQL, No Injection Wayne Huang, Kuon Ding
  17. Track 2 Passive DNS Hardening Robert Edmonds- Paul Vixie
  18. Track 2 Powershell...omfg David Kennedy ReL1K-, Josh Kelley
  19. Track 2 SCADA and ICS for Security Experts How to Avoid Cyberdouchery James Arlen
  20. Track 2 Seccubus - Analyzing Vulnerability Assessment Data the Easy Way Frank Breedijk
  21. Track 2 SHODAN for Penetration Testers Michael Schearer
  22. Track 2 Tales from the Crypto G. Mark Hardy
  23. Track 2 The Night The Lights Went Out In Vegas Demystifying The Night The Lights Went Out In Vegas Demystifying  Barrett Weisshaar, Garret Picchioni
  24. Track 2 The Power of Chinese Security Anthony Lai-Jake Appelbaum- Jon Oberheide.
  25. Track 2 Token Kidnapping's Revenge Cesar Cerrudo
  26. Track 2 Toolsmithing an IDA Bridge, Case Study for Building a RE tool Adam Pridgen, Matt Wollenweber
  27. Track 2 Wardriving the Smart Grid Practical Approaches to Attacking Utilit Shawn Moyer- Nathan Keltner
  28. Track 2 You Spent All That Money and You Still Got Owned Joseph McCray
  1.     Track 3 0box Analyzer AfterDark Runtime Forensics for Automated Malware Analysis and Clustering Wayne Huang, Jeremy Chiu, Benson Wu
  2.     Track 3 A New Approach to Forensic Methodology - !!BUSTED!! Case Studies David C. Smith, Samuel Petreski
  3.     Track 3 Advanced Format String Attacks Paul Haas
  4.     Track 3 An Observatory for the SSLiverse Peter Eckersley, Jesse Burns
  5.     Track 3 Bad Memories Elie Bursztein, Baptiste Gourdin, Gustav Rydstedt, Dan Boneh
  6.     Track 3 Big Brother on the Big Screen FactFiction Nicole Ozer, Kevin Bankston
  7.     Track 3 Browser Based Defenses James Shewmaker
  8.     Track 3 Changing Threats To Privacy From TIA to Google Moxie Marlinspike
  9.     Track 3 Connection String Parameter Attacks Chema Alonso, José Palazón "Palako"
  10.     Track 3 Constricting the Web Offensive Python for Web Hackers Nathan Hamiel, Marcin Wielgoszewski
  11.     Track 3 Exploiting Internet Surveillance Systems Decius
  12.     Track 3 FOCA2 The FOCA Strikes Back Chema Alonso, José Palazón "Palako"
  13.     Track 3 Hacking DOCSIS For Fun and Profit Blake Self, bitemytaco
  14.     Track 3 Hacking Facebook Privacy Chris Conley
  15.     Track 3 How To Get Your FBI File (and Other Information You Want from the Federal Government) Marcia Hofmann
  16.     Track 3 How to Hack Millions of Routers Craig Heffner
  17.     Track 3 masSEXploitation Michael Brooks "The Rook"
  18.     Track 3 Open Source Framework for Advanced Intrusion Detection Solutions Patrick Mullen, Ryan Pentney
  19.     Track 3 Our Instrumented Lives Sensors, Sensors, Everywhere...Greg Conti
  20.     Track 3 pyREtic - In-memory Reverse Engineering for Obfuscated Python Bytecode Rich Smith
  21.     Track 3 Repelling the Wily Insider Matias Madou, Jacob West
  22.     Track 3 Search & Seizure & Golfballs Jim Rennie, Eric Rachner
  23.     Track 3 The Anatomy of Drug Testing Jimi Fiekert
  24.     Track 3 The Law of Laptop Search and Seizure Jennifer Granick, Kevin Bankston, Marcia Hofmann, Kurt Opsahl
  25.     Track 3 This Needs to be Fixed, and Other Jokes in Commit Statements Bruce Potter, Logan Lodge
  26.     Track 3 WPA Too Md Sohail Ahmad
  27.     Track 3 Your ISP and the Government Best Friends Forever Christopher Soghoian
  1. track 4    Breaking Bluetooth by Being Bored JP Dunning
  2. track 4    Build a Lie Detector/Beat a Lie Detector Rain- urbanmonkey
  3. track 4    Build your own UAV 2.0 - Wireless Mayhem from the Heavens Michael Weigand- Renderman- Mike Kershaw
  4. track 4    Bypassing Smart-Card Authentication and Blocking Debiting Vulnerabilities in Atmel Cryptomemory-Based Stored-Value Systems Jonathan Lee- Neil Pahl
  5. track 4    DCFluX in: Moon-Bouncer Matt Krick
  6. track 4    Deceiving the Heavens to Cross the Sea Using the 36 Stratagems for Social Engineering Jayson E. Street
  7. track 4    Exploitation on ARM - Technique and Bypassing Defense Mechanisms Itzhak “zuk”” Avraham
  8. track 4    Exploiting Digital Cameras Oren Isacson- Alfredo Ortega
  9. track 4    ExploitSpotting: Locating Vulnerabilities Out of Vendor Patches Automatically Jeongwook Oh
  10. track 4    Extreme-Range RFID Tracking Chris Paget
  11. track 4    Function Hooking for Mac OSX and Linux Joe Damato
  12. track 4    Getting Root: Remote Viewing- Non-Local Consciousness Richard Thieme
  13. track 4    Hacking with Hardware: Introducing the Universal RF Usb Keboard Emulation Device - URFUKED Monta Elkins
  14. track 4    How Hackers Won the Zombie Apocalypse Dennis Brown
  15. track 4    Implementing IPv6 at ARIN Matt Ryanczak
  16. track 4    Insecurity Engineering of Physical Security Systems: Locks- Lies- and Videotape Marc Weber Tobias- Tobias Bluzmanis- Matt Fiddler
  17. track 4    IPv6: No Longer Optional John Curran
  18. track 4    Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux Barnaby Jack
  19. track 4    Live Fire Exercise: Baltic Cyber Shield 2010 Kenneth Geers
  20. track 4    Physical Computing- Virtual Security: Adding the Arduino Microcontroller Leigh Honeywell- follower
  21. track 4    Physical Security Youre Doing It Wrong A.P. Delchi
  22. track 4    Programmable HID USB Keystroke Dongle Using the Teensy as a Pen Testing Device Adrian Crenshaw
  23. track 4    SMART Project: Applying Reliability Metrics to Security Vulnerabilities Blake Self- Wayne Zage- Dolores Zage
  24. track 4    VirGraff101: An Introduction to Virtual Graffiti Tottenkoph
  25. track 4    We Don’t Need No Stinkin Badges: Hacking Electronic Door Access Controllers Shawn Merdinger
  26. track 4    Weaponizing Lady GaGa- Psychosonic Attacks Brad Smith
  27. track 4    Web Services We Just Don’t Need Mike “mckt” Bailey
  28. track 4    Welcome and Making the DEF CON 18 Badge Dark Tangent- Joe Grand
  1. Track 5 Air Traffic Control Insecurity 2.0 Righter Kunkel
  2. Track 5 Antique Exploitation aka Terminator 3.1.1 for Workgroups Jon Oberheide
  3. Track 5 Be a Mentor Marisa Fagan
  4. Track 5 Blitzableiter - the Release Felix FX Lindner
  5. Track 5 ChaosVPN for Playing CTFs, ryd, vyrus, no_maam
  6. Track 5 Crawling BitTorrent DHTs for Fun Scott Wolchok
  7. Track 5 Defcon Security Jam III: Now in 3-D Panel
  8. Track 5 Electronic Weaponry or How to Rule the World While Shopping at Radio Shack Mage2
  9. Track 5 Evilgrade, You Still Have Pending Upgrades Francisco Amato- Federico Kirschbaum
  10. Track 5 Facial Recognition: Facts, Fiction; and Fcsk-Ups Joshua Marpet
  11. Track 5 FOE‚ The Release of Feed Over Email Sho Ho
  12. Track 5 From No Way to 0-day Weaponizing the Unweaponizable Joshua Wise
  13. Track 5 Gaming in the Glass Safe - Games DRM and Privacy Ferdinand Schober
  14. Track 5 Google Toolbar The NARC Within Jeff Bryner
  15. Track 5 Hacking .Net Applications A Dynamic Attack Jon McCoy
  16. Track 5 Hardware Hacking for Software Guys Dave King
  17. Track 5 Kartograph Finding a Needle in a Haystack or How to Apply Reverse Engineering Techniques to Cheat at Video Games Elie Bursztein Jocelyn Lagarenne
  18. Track 5 Katana Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite JP Dunning
  19. Track 5 Letting the Air Out of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Mike Metzger
  20. Track 5 Like a Boss: Attacking JBoss Tyler Krpata
  21. Track 5 Malware Freak Show 2 The Client-Side Boogaloo Nicholas J. Percoco, Jibran Ilyas
  22. Track 5 Malware Migrating to Gaming Consoles Embedded Devices an Antivirus-Free Safe Hideout For Malware Ahn Ki-Chan Ha Dong-Joo
  23. Track 5 My Life as a Spyware Developer Garry Pejski
  24. Track 5 oCTF: 5 years in 50 minutes Panel
  25. Track 5 Open Public Sensors and Trend Monitoring Daniel Burroughs
  26. Track 5 Operating System Fingerprinting for Virtual Machines Nguyen Anh Quynh
  27. Track 5 Pwned By The Owner What Happens When You Steal a Hacker’s Computer Zoz
  28. Track 5 Searching for Malware A Review of Attackers’ Use of Search Engines to Lure Victims David Maynor, Paul Judge, PhD
  29. Track 5 Securing MMOs A Security Professional’s View from the Inside metr0
  30. Track 5 The Games We Play Brandon Nesbit
  31. Track 5 Training the Next Generation of Hardware Hackers Andrew Kongs- Dr. Gerald Kane
  32. Track 5 Web Application Fingerprinting with Static Files Patrick Thomas
  33. Track 5 Who Cares About IPv6 Sam Bowne
  34. Track 5 WiMAX Hacking 2010 Pierce, Goldy, aSmig, sanitybit
  35. Track 5 Your Boss is a Douchebag... How About You Luiz effffn Eduardo
Early video from
  1. DEFCON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By Joe Grand and Dark Tangent - Welcome And Behind The Scenes Of The DEFCON Badge - Slides.m4v
  2. DEFCON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By Barnaby Jack - Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux - Slides.m4v
  3. DEFCON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By David Maynor and Paul Judge - Searching For Malware - Slides.m4v
  4. DEFCON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By Chris Paget - Practical Cellphone Spying - Slides.m4v 
  5. DEFCON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By Md Sohail Ahmad - WPA Too! - Slides.m4v

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to be continued....

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