Sunday, June 26, 2011

New blog design. Yay or Nay?

Not sure if noticeable but there are a lot of tweaks, including addition of a mobile template. It it work in progress, I will tweak it more later
Update: Changed to fixed width to prevent columns from running over each other




  1. I don't really remember the old style. I think the new style is good. As long as you don't fuck it up with 500 lines of useless javascript and make all the site in flash. That would really suck. Fast loading and simple is the best.

  2. I always took time to look to contagio for reference research. Frankly, is a good job.

    But, kinda miss the previous right links already (like fellow researchers link)

    Furthermore, by my opinion textual site is quality, sometimes I gotta browse via lynx too.

    Way to go!

  3. @unixfreaxjp - fixed the researchers :)
    @Anonymous - no more useless JS, that was code highlighter
    @ Steven K - thank you :)

  4. No special difference...

  5. I think I must be weird. I hate the wasted space on the two sides. I don't get it, we are nominally all using wide screen and everyone is making websites that exist in the centre of the screen with masses of wasted space, and endless scrolling.

    Anyway Mila, I don't come for the aesthetics ;) I come for your awesome content :)


  6. @Anonymous not weird, i love fluid width too. I spent a lot of time trying to make the new template work on fluid without turning into a mess on different browsers and devices. The reason why all "love" fixed width (with max set to 1280px to accomodate most readers) making a fluid width that looks same on everything is hard - unless it is all text. I think the old one worked for that reason but it is harder on the eye - all text and horizonal lines, no mobile version and i am just tired of it. I think making fluid width that looks great is possible just not for wannabe sitemakers like me, I am not very good at it :)

    Most of my content is sort of narrow (pix and a bit of text) , so I don't think I lose a lot of real estate but yes, I know what you mean

    many thanks for the comments, it helps.

  7. checked all the giants - GOOG corporate,,, = all have fixed, i figure they can find a few webmasters to make it expandable but maybe fixed is the best way to deal with all the modern gadgets. I know it is possible - here is an example, these guys are awesome but this is their bread - good design

  8. Fast and simple....I agree. Looks good Mila

  9. I like the current setup Mila. It is much cleaner than the previous website.

  10. @unixfreaxjp @KateM @vinay @digitalx00 thank you!

  11. I would use your site regardless of what it looked like:)

    even if it looked like this -