Thursday, June 21, 2012

RAT samples from Syrian Targeted attacks - Blackshades RAT, XTreme RAT, Dark Comet RAT used by Syrian Electronic Army

The CitizenLab published their report of the Blackshades RAT used by Syrian Electronic Army against activists. No need repeat their excellent analysis but you wish to analyze Blackshades and other RAT that were used in the Syrian attacks, here are the samples for 
Looks like they are changing their RAT monthly.

File information

Blackshades RAT
File: Blackshades_new_new .pif_0d1bd081974a4dcdeee55f025423a72b
Size: 395776
MD5:  0D1BD081974A4DCDEEE55F025423A72B
XTreme RAT
File: XTremeRAT_silvia.exe
Size: 233825
MD5:  FB6E419E0FD9C2F39BE43BCADBD2879F
File: XtremeRAT_svhost2.exe
Size: 69632
MD5:  41A2159B94C6883F03D2D901428A5891

Dark Comet RAT
File: ورقة حول مجلس القيادة_as‮  fdp.scr
Size: 860608
MD5:  8C9F9CCFFBD2C888B9B5300412F8E580



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