Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Common Exploit Kits 2012 Poster (based on Exploit pack table Update 18, Nov 12, 2012)

Update November 14, 2012
1. We forgot to mention that in the best tradition of the Antivirus industry, all posters come with one (1) year of free updates. Email us when a new version of the poster comes out ( use same email address or reply to the original message) and we will send you the file (same size you ordered, in JPG format). We cannot reprint Zazzle posters but you can use your own printing, or upload and order your own from Zazzle.

2. We added two more sizes for smaller wall spaces and budgets (asking for $15 and $10 to be donated to charity )

Hurricane Sandy, Jersey Shore
Src. Twitter Oct 28,2012
 author unknown
This update to the exploit pack table comes in the form of a poster (Exploit pack table update 18 is coming soon too).
The poster includes most common exploit packs of 2012. The poster will be updated and new issues posted in the future.

Poster sizes: 

If you wish to order a larger poster print,  (up to 60"x40" or 152cm x 101cm), follow this link to 
Zazzle cancelled orders due to logos in fish images, despite the fact that their use falls under "Nominative Fair use" policy  (Read: "Lawful use of another's trademark") and we make zero money on it. Here is an example of PC magazine using it lawfully to compare browsers  - they also publish and sell their magazine is stores.
We filed a complaint with Zazzle. But even if they don't cancel,  Zazzle is also very overpriced so you are likely to find cheaper ways to print it. so we do not recommend using it anymore.

If Zazzle cancelled your order, email us and we will send you the full file for free. 

 Staten Island Hurricane Sandy Relief (Staten Island Project Hospitality).
See Staten Island hurricane aftermath photos here:
  • If you wish to use your own printing services and/or need multiple copies, you can request the poster file (see sizes below)  in exchange for donation to the Hurricane Relief  or a charity of your choice. Email us (admin at a receipt of a donation made in the past month (you can partially hide/obscure your personal info, if needed) and we will send you the file.
  • 8900 x 6000 px = up to 40" x 60"      (101 x 150 cm) = $25  Donate here or charity of your choice
  • 5340 x 3600 px = up to 24" x 35.6"   (~ 61 x 91 cm) = $15 Donate here or charity of your choice
  • 3578 x 2415 px = up to 16" x 24"      (~ 40 x 60 cm) = $10 Donate here or charity of your choice
  • 1720 x 1200 px = up to 11"x14"        (~ 20 x 30 cm) = Free Download

Copyright information:
All logos in the images of the fish are trademarks of Adobe Systems, Sun Microsystems, Apple, and Microsoft. The logos are used only for product comparison and academic research reasons that fall within  "Fair use"  and "Nominative Fair use" limits. If these companies have any concerns, their representatives can contact us via email. 
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  1. Very cool idea guys! We're ordering the files very soon for our office.

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