Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CVE-2013-0640 samples listing

This is a detailed MD5 listing of CVE-2013-0640 pdf files that were posted earlier. I got a few requests for samples that were already posted as a pack in this post ( 16,800 clean and 11,960 malicious files for signature testing and research.)  Now you can see them  in all their glory below.
I can post listings for other malware from that large post if there is need and interest.

MALWARE PDF NEW -170 FILES MALWARE PDF PRE_04-2011_10982_files

0CDF55626E56FFBF1B198BEB4F6ED559    report.pdf2
151ADD98EEC006F532C635EA3FC205CE    action_plan.pdf_
2A42BF17393C3CAAA663A6D1DADE9C93    Mandiant.pdf_
3119ABBA449D16355CEB385FD778B525    mousikomi.pdf_
3668B018B4BB080D1875AEE346E3650A    action_plan.pdf_
37A9C45B78F4DEE9DA8FD8019F66005A    sample.pdf_
3F301758AA3D5D123A9DDBAD1890853B    EUAG_report.pdf_
6945E1FBEF586468A6D4F0C4F184AF8B    report.pdf_
7005E9EE9F673EDAD5130B3341BF5E5F    2013-Yilliq Noruz Bayram Merikisige Teklip.pdf_
701E3F3973E8A8A7FCEC5F8902ECBFD9    701E3F3973E8A8A7FCEC5F8902ECBFD9
88292D7181514FDA5390292D73DA28D4    ASEM_Seminar.pdf_
8E3B08A46502C5C4C45D3E47CEB38D5A    cc08_v143.pdf_
9C572606A22A756A1FCC76924570E92A    pdf.pdf_
A7C89D433F737B3FDC45B9FFBC947C4D    A7C89D433F737B3FDC45B9FFBC947C4D
AD668992E15806812DD9A1514CFC065B    arp.pdf_
AE52908370DCDF6C150B6E2AD3D8B11B    AE52908370DCDF6C150B6E2AD3D8B11B
AF061F8C63CD1D4AD83DC2BF81F36AF8    readme.pdf_
C03BCB0CDE62B3F45B4D772AB635E2B0    The 2013 Armenian Economic Association.pdf_
D00E4AC94F1E4FF67E0E0DFCF900C1A8    ???.pdf_
EF90F2927421D61875751A7FE3C7A131    action_plan.pdf3
F3B9663A01A73C5ECA9D6B2A0519049E    Visaform Turkey.pdf_


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