Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 04 Downloader Trojan "Friends say I am free" from

This came as a rar archive with a password featured on the postcard 12ab34.What does the postcard say - can anyone translate? This is a lame and huge (2mb) mailing but maybe exe will be of interest for someone, it has a very low detection rate.

Download a694466ea431046d2a063db37390abea Content. Exe - 内容.exe as a password protected archive (contact me for the password if you need it)

Friends say I am free

From: joan []
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 12:35 PM
Subject: 朋友们说 我很自由

CW Sandbox


Result: 3/40 (7.5%)
eSafe 2010.02.07 Win32.TrojanHorse
F-Secure 9.0.15370.0 2010.02.09 Suspicious:W32/Riskware!Online
Sophos 4.50.0 2010.02.09 Troj/DwnLdr-IAE
File size: 1536904 bytes
MD5...: a694466ea431046d2a063db37390abea

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