Saturday, February 20, 2010

Slow / busy days

I noticed a significant reduction of targeted mailings during the past week - from many a day to zero. That's right, there were zero arrivals/submissions all week. We get most of targeted email from Asia and it just occurred to me that maybe the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) and more than two weeks of associated festivities is the reason - much in the same way as weekends I wrote about before. There is no scientific proof, it is just an idle observation. If I am correct, I don't know if sending malware laden messages would bring bad luck to the sender for the whole year or there is some other superstition at play, or they are just busy.  The New Year celebrations continue for 15 days, I am curious if I see anything new next week, or week after that, or all the malware malings stopped forever =)

I do have a lot of older messages and malware items to post and I have not been posting many for the lack of time during the past week. I will soon.

I wish everyone Happy New Year. Please accept our best wishes for the year of the Tiger.

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