Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6 CVE-2010-0188 PDF birthday briefing series from spoofed

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Subject: 蔡政文教授七十華誕系列活動簡報



籌委會總幹事  宋紀均
電話:0932-322-687;傳真:(02) 2367-9708;
----- Original Message -----From: [mailto:]Sent: 2010-05-06 10:34 AMTo: XXXXXXSubject: Professor Cai Zhengwen 70 birthday briefing seriesXXXX Hello:This year marks the country's political circles and seniors, National Taiwan University political science professor emeritus, national policy advisor to the National Policy Research Foundation, Professor Cai Zhengwen Seventieth Birthday, Professor Zhu Hecai seven to rank Rongqing, and expression of admiration of fellow domestic politics means , the PC series of special planning activities to celebrate hereby.First, Professor Cai Zhengwen 70 birthday academic seminarTo be held May 29-30 this year, a two-day leave held at National Taiwan University International Conference Hall, Academy of Social Sciences, "global, cross-strait, Taiwan - 70 birthday of Professor Cai Zhengwen academic seminar", the theme of the seminar as a "global, cross-strait , Taiwan ", are also echoed President Ma of" strengthening Taiwan, connecting both sides of the layout of the world, "the overall grand strategy, welcomed Professor Cai friendly and enthusiastic disciple old friends and fraternity grant the draft, but also advanced and fellow political science please give Wang Hui Wen, join the festivities.Second, the mainland delegation's visit Birthday GreetingsTo expand the participation and promote cross-strait academic exchanges, of "strengthening Taiwan, connecting both sides of the layout of the world" in the current national development policy to accelerate the democratization process in mainland China, and invited Tsai has a profound friendship with the Jiangsu Province-Strait Relations Research Council, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Taiwan Studies, and other important Taiwan-related think tanks to organize groups to congratulate the endeavor. In addition to participating scholars from mainland China to participate thesis seminars will be arranged after visiting mainland scholars south political and economic development.Taiwan Yoshihisa group list:Jiangsu Province of cross-strait relations will be: Way into the next vice chairman and his wifeTaiwan Research Institute: Deputy Director Zhu Weidong, landowner Renhe Min, Gao Jian, deputy director, Liu Ying, an assistant researcher, assistant researcher Wang Shu Shen, Yong Jiang Dengliu Ren Chen, an assistant researcherNanjing: Zhang Tao, Vice President (Vice President of Chinese Political Science Association), Zhang Fengyang DeanThird, Professor Cai Zhengwen 70 birthday birthday dinnerScheduled for 5 月 29 日 99 (星期六) 18:00 held a dinner I set up shop in Shanghai Rural capital.Tsai guide students from the Republic of China Lin Chia-cheng 63 years to write master's thesis on, at 99 years by the end of April, guiding students to a total of 25 doctoral, 98 master's degree.Tsai's guide for each student upon graduation can Jinzun teacher training, in the workplace have outstanding performance, did not live up to the rigorous training of teachers.Tsai's disciple, and old friends, colleagues, subordinates all look forward to critical keepers, to host a birthday dinner Tsai, to express their thanks and best wishes!-------------------------------------------------- --------------------If you have any inquiries matters, please contact:Director-General of the Preparatory Committee of Song Ji areTel :0932-322-687; Fax: (02) 2367-9708;E-mail:

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