Monday, May 10, 2010

May 9 CVE-2010-0188 PDF Concept Paper.pdf from

Download Concept_Paper.pdf  c06ef052db6710fd632952cc14917d84  ac as a password protected archive (please contact me for the password if you need it)
Nothing new or special in this one except the text of the message appears to be stolen from a real message or is a very good fake. This sender sent a message before is as low as it was a month ago, not much improvement on this CVE (M)

Details Concept_Paper.pdf c06ef052db6710fd632952cc14917d84 
File Concept_Paper.pdf received on 2010.05.10 11:14:19 (UTC)
Result: 6/41 (14.64%)
Authentium    2010.05.10    JS/CVE20100
Avast    4.8.1351.0    2010.05.09    PDF:CVE-2010-0188
Avast5    5.0.332.0    2010.05.09    PDF:CVE-2010-0188
GData    21    2010.05.10    PDF:CVE-2010-0188
eTrust-Vet    35.2.7477    2010.05.10    PDF/CVE-2010-0188!exploit
Sophos    4.53.0    2010.05.10    Troj/PDFJs-II
Additional information
File size: 172952 bytes
MD5...: c06ef052db6710fd632952cc14917d84

From: 呂參謀 []
Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2010 9:30 PM
Subject: Fwd: ASEM Cooperation on Capacity Building of Disaster Relief

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alan D. Romberg
Date: 2010/5/7 20:11
Subject: RE: Yang's bio. doc
To: Andrew Nien-Dzu Yang
Cc: 毛 毛

Dear Andrew –

Although I am going to be away (in Korea) next week, I want to get out an invitation to your talk so people will mark it on their calendars.

I am attaching a draft for your approval. I am assuming that, since you are giving a similar talk “on the record” at Harvard, your talk at Stimson will also be “on the record.” But if you want to tell all of your most closely-held secrets to our audience (while only giving fluff to Steve’s group at Harvard), I’m happy to make it off the record or at least “not for attribution.” Let me know.

Please let me have your feedback on the invitation text.

While the invitations are generally issued electronically, they are also printed up. So I may need to cut back a bit on the bio stuff to make it fit on one page, but I hope not. But I wanted to make you aware of that. However, I didn’t want to take more time to fiddle with formatting now before sending it to you (and LtCol Mao) for your OK.

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you.



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