Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ru-Eng-Eng Glossary. Russian (human computer slang) -> English (Google machine) -> English (human computer slang)

Many of us use machine Google and other machine translation services to read sites and forums in other languages. As you know, the main problem with any machine translation is that it needs additional human translation afterwords because it cannot recognize many colloquial, misspelled, technical, transliterated, or slang words.

Not everyone knows about Google Translator Toolkit allowing you to upload your documents or to select an URL and save the results for future reference (see Google video below) You can also add your own glossaries to enhance and customize the translation results. I find that they do not work as you would expect (do not get automatically used sort of like your personal dictionaries in MS Office) but they are still semi useful for creating custom vocabulary lists to assist you in translation of "Google machine English" into human English.

I made a quick draft of a custom Ru-GoogleEng-Eng glossary with less than 100 words and you can see a few screenshots below. The English words in bold in the first column are the words offered by Google Translate - these are wrong words and in no way reflect the correct Russian and English versions that you can see in the other two columns. 

There are a couple of ways of using Google Translate kit site - download the csv to your computer and use a plain search for words through the file or to use Google translate toolkit (if you have Gmail, just go to to see it for searching through the uploaded custom glossary. Other languages can be added too.

Download csv Glossary importable to Google translate kit (unicode UTF-8)
Download a HTML page - glossary

screenshot 1  
(1st column shows WRONG translation consistently offered by Google translate , 
2nd column - part of speech and case, 
3rd column - correct English and Russian pairs. 
(Let me know if you have any corrections or comments)

Google Translator Toolkit video

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