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Defcon 18 Materials (CD)- 2010 Las Vegas

Defcon 18 CD - Las Vegas 2010 
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List of included presentations, papers, and extras (in alphabitical order) -- 106 presentations
  1. A New Approach to Digital Forensic Methodology And !!BUSTED!! Case studies David C. Smith Samuel Petreski
  2. A Survey and Examination of the Adequacy of the Laws Related to Cyber Warfare. Dondi ―spookdoctor06‖ West
  3. Advanced Format String Attacks Presented by Paul Haas
  4. Air Traffic Control Insecurity 2.0 Righter Kunkel
  5. Analyzing vulnerability assessment data the easy way… Schuberg Philis Seccubus
  6. Attack the Key Own the Lock. datagram & Schuyler Towne
  7. Attacking .NET Applications at Runtime Jon McCoy
  8. Attacking JBoss like a Boss Krpata
  9. au.bug William-LeGrand
  10. Be a Mentor Marisa Fagan InfoSec Mentors Project
  11. BlindElephant:Web Application Fingerprinting With Static Files Patrick Thomas
  12. Blitzableiter –BETA Release Countering Flash Exploits Felix "FX" Lindner
  13. Browser Based Defenses x06d
  14. Build a Lie Detector / Beat a Lie Detector. Rain, J03b34r
  15. Building a Security Operations Center with little or no money. Pyorre
  16. Changing Threats To Privacy Marlinspike
  17. Cloud ComputingA Weapon of Mass Destruction? David M. N. Bryan
  18. Connection Strings Chema Alonso Informática 64
  19. Constricting the Web. Offensive Python for Web Hackers Nathan Hamiel, Marcin Wielgoszewski
  20. Crawling Bittorrent DHTs for Fun and Profit Scott Wolchok
  21. Cyber [Crime|War] Connecting the dots Iftach Ian Amit Managing Partner, Security & Innovation
  22. Cyberterrorism & the Security of the National Drinking Water Infrastructure John McNabb

  23. DCFluX in: Moon-Bouncer Matt Krick, DCFluX – K3MK Chief Engineer, New West Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
  24. Defcon Comedy Jam 3D Or Not 3D? PANEL
  25. Electronic Weapons Tim Otto, aka mage2
  26. Embedded devices, an AntiVirus-free safe hideout for Malware Ahn Ki-Chan, Ha Dong-Joo
  27. evilgrade, "You STILL have pending upgrades!“ Francisco Amato / Federico Kirschbaum
  28. Exploitable Assumptions Doktor Zoz, Dr. Foley, and Eric Schmiedl
  29. Exploitation on ARM Technique and bypassing defense mechanisms STRI/Advance Technology Lab/Security
  30. Exploiting Digital Cameras Oren Isacson, Alfredo Ortega
  31. Exploiting Internet Surveillance Systems Decius
  32. Exploiting SCADA Systems JBrown
  33. Exploiting WebSphere Application Server's JSP Engine Schaller
  34. ExploitSpotting: Locating Vulnerabilities Out Of Vendor Patches Automatically Jeongwook Oh
  35. Extras java by Lee-Pahl
  36. F.O.E.Feed Over Email A Proxy-less RSS Reader For Users in Internet Censored Countries Sho Ho
  37. Function hooking for OSX and Linux Joe Damato
  38. Gaming in the glass safe. Games, DRM, and Privacy. Ferdinand Schober
  39. Go Go Gadget Python Nick Waite FurkanCayçı
  40. Google Toolbar: The NARC Within Bryner
  41. Hacking and protecting Oracle Database Vault Esteban Martínez Fayó
  42. Hacking DOCSIS for Fun and Profit Blake SElf Bytemytaco
  43. Hacking Oracle from web apps Sumit Siddharth, Aleksander Gorkowienko
  44. Hacking The Future: Weaponizing the Next Generation PANEL
  45. Hardware Black Magic:Designing Printed Circuit Boards Dr. Fouad (Dr. K) Kiamilev, Corey (c0re) Lange, Stephen (afterburn) Janansky
  46. Hardware Hacking for us dumb software guys Arduinos
  47. How To Get Your FBI File (and Other Information You Want From the Federal Government) Hofmann
  48. How to Hack Millions of Routers Craig Heffner
  49. How Unique is Your Browser? a report on the Panopticlick experiment Peter Eckersley
  50. Improving Antivirus Accuracy with Hypervisor Assisted Analysis Danny Quist
  51. Industrial Cyber Security From the Perspective of the Power Sector Revision 1 Wade Polk.Paul Malkewicz.Jaroslav Novak
  52. INSECURITY ENGINEERING: Locks, Lies, and Videotape Tobias-Fiddler-Bluzmanis
  53. IPv6: No Longer Optional John CurranPresident & CEO ARIN
  54. IPv6@ARIN Matt Ryanczak
  55. Jong-il and me: How to build a cyber army to attack the U.S. Charlie Miller
  56. Kartograph Elie Bursztein and Jocelyn Lagarenne Stanford University
  57. Katana: Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite JP Dunning DefCon 2010
  58. KenjiUrada
  59. Letting the Air Out of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Mike MetzgerKim Jong
  60. Live fire exercise:Baltic Cyber Shield 2010 Kenneth Geers
  61. Lord of the Bing Taking Back Search Engine Hacking From Google and Bing Francis Brown and Rob Ragan Stach & Liu, LLC
  62. Malware Freakshow 2 Nicholas J. Percoco & Jibran Ilyas
  63. Mastering the Nmap Scripting Engine Fyodor and David Fifield
  64. Mind Games Extras by Theime
  65. Mobile Privacy: Tor On The iPhone And Other Unusual Devices Marco Bonetti - CutAway s.r.l.
  66. Multiplayer Metasploit Tag-Team Pen Testing and Reporting Ryan Linn
  67. My Life As A Spyware Developer Why I’m Probably Going to Hell Pejski
  68. Open Data Source Analysis Daniel “whopis” Burroughs
  69. Operating System Fingerprinting for Virtual Machines Nguyen Anh Quynh
  70. PCI: Compromising Controls and Compromising Security PANEL
  71. PHP-Nuke_exploit.php.php Brooks
  72. Physical Security (You’re Doing It Wrong) A.P. Delchi
  73. Programmable HID USB Keyboard House for pen-testing Adrian Crenshaw
  74. Pwned by the Owner Zoz
  75. ʻpyREticʼ – In memory reverse engineering for obfuscated Python bytecode Rich Smith
  76. Razorback Mullen-Pentney
  77. Repelling the Wily Insider Matias Madou
  78. Resilient Botnet Command and Control with Tor Dennis Brown
  79. SCADA and ICS for Security Experts: How to Avoid Cyberdouchery James Arlen, CISA
  80. Searching for Malware: A Review of Attackers’ Use of Search Engines to Lure Victims Paul Judge, David Maynor
  81. Securing MMOs A Security rofessional’s View From the Inside
  82. Security Measurement and Assuring Reliability through metrics Technology ( SMART) Applying Reliability Metrics to Security Vulnerabilities Wayne Zage, Dolores Zage, Blake Self
  83. SHODAN for Penetration Testers Michael “theprez98” Schearer
  84. Sniper Forensics “One Shot, One Kill” Christopher E. Pogue - Trustwave
  85. So Many Ways to Slap a YoHo: Hacking Facebook & YoVille Tom Stracener “Strace”, EvilAdamSmith, Sean Barnum
  86. Social Engineering.  Street
  87. Tales from the Crypto G. Mark Hardy
  88. The Anatomy of Drug Testing Fiekert
  89. The Year of HD Voice --2010 Who, what, where, how? (Actually, who, how, where, what) Doug Mohney
  90. This is not the droid you’re looking for… Nicholas J. Percoco & Christian Papathanasiou
  91. This needs to be fixed. Jokes, vulnerabilities, and analysis of commit statements. Logan Lodge, Bruce Potter
  92. Token Kidnapping's Revenge Cesar Cerrudo Argeniss
  94. Training the Next Generation of Hardware Hackers Teaching Computer Organization and Assembly Language Hands-On with Embedded Systems Kongs-Kane
  95. Trolling with Math frank^2
  96. Universal RF Usb Keyboard Emulation Device URFUKED by Monta Elkins
  97. VirGraf101:An Introduction to Virtual Graffiti Tottenkoph
  98. Wardriving the smart Grid. Practical approaches to attacking utility packet radios Shawn Moyer,Nathan Keltner
  99. We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! Hacking electronic door access controllers Shawn Merdinger
  100. Weaponizing Lady GaGa PsychoSonic Attacks BSmith
  101. Web Services We Just Don’t Need Mike Bailey
  102. Who Cares About IPv6? Sam Bowne City College San Francisco
  103. WiMAX Hacking 2010 Pierce Goldy aSmig
  104. WPA Too! Md Sohail Ahmad, AirTight Networks
  105. You Spent All That Money ...And You Still Got Owned Joe McCray
  106. Your boss is a douchebag...How about you? effffn


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