Monday, August 30, 2010

Mobile Malware Google Group. Mobile malware samples

Update January 21, 2011  - they exchange samples there and have active discussions. I do not post those samples here, join the group if you need them.

If you are interested in mobile malware analysis, join the Mobile Malware Group (Adam Russell is the moderator/founder and he is processing the requests)
This group is intended as a service to the mobile malware research community as well as anyone interested in starting research in this growing field.  As such, we are looking for discussions on various mobile systems such as the iPhone, Android, Symbian, and other mobile platforms.  Discussions should target analysis of the malware, requests for samples of malware, technical reviews of new methods, and other related material and questions.  My hope is that this community can grow and provide high quality, cogent information to new and veteran researchers alike.  (- Adam Russell)

Description: A mailing list for researching mobile malware. This group allows material related to new mobile malware samples, analysis, new techniques, questions pertaining to the field, and other related material. Please describe yourself in short detail when requesting to join. Thank you. 

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