Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 28 CVE-2009-4324 台美軍售最新情況.pdf The latest U.S. arms sales to Taiwan from Jan 28, 2010 10:45 PM

  1. Download 台美軍售最新情況.pdf as 401b4f707b8063b0c4b087c41716746b  -The latest U.S. arms sales to (password protected, please contact me if you need it)
  2. Download uncompressed (with as 401b4f707b8063b0c4b087c41716746b-The latest U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.txt

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Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 10:45 PM
Subject: 台美軍售最新情況

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File ________________________.pdf received on 2010.01.29 16:15:12 (UTC)
Microsoft 1.5406 2010.01.29 Exploit:Win32/Pdfjsc.CW
nProtect 2009.1.8.0 2010.01.29 Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen.C02
Sunbelt 3.2.1858.2 2010.01.29 Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen (v)
Additional information
File size: 62182 bytes
MD5...: 401b4f707b8063b0c4b087c41716746b 

Analysis report for �美�售最新情�.pdf
File �美�售最新情�.pdf
MD5 401b4f707b8063b0c4b087c41716746b
Analysis Started 2010-01-29 08:15:37
Report Generated 2010-01-29 08:15:38
Jsand 1.03.02 benign
Encrypted embedded executable with a key of 1024 bytes.
Exploit method detected as pdfexploit - PDF Exploit call to media.newPlayer CVE-2009-4324.

Here is a part of the java script (uncompressed with

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