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Jan 17 Trojan Darkmoon.B EXE Haiti relief from 17 Jan 2010 13:15:02 -0800 PST

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Subject: ハイチの救援活動が難航 7千人埋葬、時間との勝負

ハイチの救援活動が難航 7千人埋葬、時間との勝負




Subject: Haiti relief deadlock seven people buried in 1000, race against time
Haiti's troubled rescue seven people buried in 1000, race against time
[Co] from a large earthquake in Port au Prince in Haiti two days after the 14th, and now he will begin his search for victims buried under collapsed houses in the West entered the local rescue team, the international relief activities in earnest. However, a lack of activity and medical personnel are faced with difficulties. 

According to Reuters, the president said pre-Barbera Haiti, said seven were killed by the earthquake that buried thousands of people already. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon "after a failure, but 72 hours is key," and emphasized that it is a race against time.
CNN television said the United Nations and the United States, North Korea has 14 rescue teams in the U.S., collapsed in the capital Port peacekeeping operations (PKO) security personnel in Estonia men had been buried in the headquarters of the troops (38) rescued the . In addition to the local disaster relief team with a dog on France, Spain, Dominican Republic, such as rescue teams continued to arrive and we started to work. Secretary-General "We will also be dispatched from the country," he said.
Doctors in disaster areas, a shortage of medical supplies. The United Nations and international transportation of relief supplies, we will make a concerted effort to distribute. However, according to Reuters, the airport of Port-au-affected state and became filled with enormous aircraft carrying personnel and supplies, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has asked to postpone the airport's flight from the U.S. did. 


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Jiangmin    13.0.900    2010.01.18    Trojan/Agent.cule
Kaspersky    2010.01.19    Trojan.Win32.Agent.dbzx
nProtect    2009.1.8.0    2010.01.18    Trojan/W32.Agent.45056.TM
Sophos    4.49.0    2010.01.19    Troj/DarkMoon-B
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