Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 Zany.pdf -fc5196ff7d14bda18cd9f89d81f913db

This file from an URL was submitted by TarunKumar Singh - thank you, TarunKumar

Download  zany.pdf as (Password protected. Please contact me for the password)

Details: fc5196ff7d14bda18cd9f89d81f913db - zany.pdf

File zany.pdf99 received on 2010.01.16 11:18:07 (UTC)
F-Secure     9.0.15370.0     2010.01.16     Exploit:W32/Pidief.CKT
Kaspersky     2010.01.16     Exploit.Win32.Pidief.cyn
PCTools     2010.01.16     Trojan.Pidief
Sophos             4.49.0     2010.01.16     Mal/PDFEx-D
Sunbelt     3.2.1858.2     2010.01.16     Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen (v)
Symantec     20091.2.0.41     2010.01.16     Trojan.Pidief.H
File size: 3701 bytes
MD5   : fc5196ff7d14bda18cd9f89d81f913db

File    zany.pdf
MD5    fc5196ff7d14bda18cd9f89d81f913db
Analysis Started    2010-01-15 05:30:19
Jsand 1.03.02    benign

Update January 19, 2010 
Additional information kindly provided by TarunKumar Singh
 CWSanbox analysis for zany.pdf (Network Activity and Registry changes) by this file on infected host

Registry changes

Network Activity

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