Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Subject: Talking Points on Chinese Currency


We are pleased to attach the following weekly talking points on Chinese Currency. This week's talking point centred on Premier Wen Jiabao's recent press conference.

Premier Wen criticised international pressure on China to appreciate its currency, calling it 'finger pointing'. China was accused of holding down the value of its currency. An undervalued currency keeps a country's exports inexpensive while making imports expensive.

Premier Wen's hardstand on not revaluating reminbi came as a surprise as it was only a few days before that Zhou Xiaochuan, the central banker, said at a press briefing that the country will allow the yuan to resume its appreciation at some point when it exits from the loose money and credit policies.

We hope you will find this report useful.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Yang Mu
Co-ordinator, China Cooperation Programme
East Asian Institute
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Singapore 259770
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Subject: Talking Points on Chinese Currency
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