Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apr 18 CVE-2010-0188 PDF China Bank Notification from

Download  10e15dd9b11528762c182b04f80e0a03 ATT13624.pdf as a password protected archive (please contact me for the password if you need it)

Details  10e15dd9b11528762c182b04f80e0a03 ATT13624.pdf

From:   []
Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2010 10:32 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: 中國信託提醒通知函

若您要變更電子郵件信箱,請隨時利用網路銀行進行變更→ 變更電子郵件信箱。
歡迎來信與我聯絡或來電 02-27458080詢問,謝謝 !
From  [mailto: @]Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2010 10:32 PMTo: xxxxxxxxxxxxxSubject: China Trust to remind the notification letterIf you want to change e-mail, please feel free to use the Internet to the bank to change → change the e-mail.This reminder personal network by China Trust Bank, if you notice any of the above problemsPlease feel free to contact me or call 02-27458080 ask, thank you!

File ATT13624.pdf received on 2010.04.19 04:24:37 (UTC)
Result: 3/40 (7.5%)
Avast    4.8.1351.0    2010.04.18    PDF:CVE-2010-0188
Avast5    5.0.332.0    2010.04.18    PDF:CVE-2010-0188
GData    19    2010.04.19    PDF:CVE-2010-0188  
File size: 132797 bytes
MD5...: 10e15dd9b11528762c182b04f80e0a03

Received: from (HELO (
  by XXXXXXXX with SMTP; 19 Apr 2010 02:44:12 -0000
Received: (qmail 31748 invoked from network); Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:44:11 +0900 (KST)
Received: from [] (
  by with ESMTP;
 Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:44:11 +0900 (KST)
Message-ID: <1975e5623c$23fce32a$0ae1d8b4@bank.csc212af2ce2>
From: "?????H?U???~????"
Subject: =?big5?B?pKSw6qtIsFW0o7/0s3Gqvqjn?=
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:31:38 +0800
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.3138
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.5579

      ISP:    Genesis Net Limited
      Organization:    Tsuen Wan
        Country:    Hong Kong
      City:    Central District

.It is blacklisted in three lists. 


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