Friday, April 30, 2010

Apr 30 CVE-2010-0188 PDF North Korea's Radio Waves of Resistance

Details 2b4b5e0ce5a19d81ea918f50f56ff8d0 North_Korea_update.pdf 

From: David Austin []
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2010 2:00 AM
Subject: North Korea's Radio Waves of Resistance
Importance: Low
North Korea's Radio Waves of Resistance

By Peter M. Beck | April 27, 2010

North Korea remains the most isolated country on earth, with its people
effectively cut off from the outside world?or so the world has been told.
But there is reason to believe this is no longer the case. My research
suggests millions of North Koreans listen to or hear about foreign radio
broadcasts. There is evidence the numbers are growing.

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    AVG    2010.04.30    Exploit_c.DEY
    BitDefender    7.2    2010.04.30    Exploit.PDF-EXE.Gen
    DrWeb    2010.04.30    Exploit.PDF.758
    eSafe    2010.04.29    PDF.Exploit
    F-Secure    9.0.15370.0    2010.04.30    Exploit.PDF-EXE.Gen
    GData    21    2010.04.30    Exploit.PDF-EXE.Gen
    Rising    2010.04.30    Hack.Exploit.PDF.aem
    Sophos    4.53.0    2010.04.30    Troj/PDFJs-II
    Sunbelt    6241    2010.04.30    Exploit.PDF.CVE-2010-0806 (v)  - Sunbelt, this is a wrong name
    VirusBuster    2010.04.29    JS.Crypt.UQBF
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    Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 22:59:34 -0700
    From: David Austin
    Subject: North Korea's Radio Waves of Resistance

          ISP:    China Unicom Beijing Province Network
          Organization:    China Unicom Beijing Province Network
          Proxy:    Suspected network sharing device.
          Country:    China
          State/Region:    Beijing
          City:    Beijing

    inetnum: -
    netname: UNICOM-BJ
    descr: China Unicom Beijing province network
    descr: China Unicom
    country: CN
    admin-c: CH1302-AP
    tech-c: SY21-AP
    mnt-by: APNIC-HM
    mnt-lower: MAINT-CNCGROUP-BJ
    mnt-routes: MAINT-CNCGROUP-RR
    person: ChinaUnicom Hostmaster
    nic-hdl: CH1302-AP
    address: No.21,Jin-Rong Street
    address: Beijing,100140
    address: P.R.China
    phone: +86-10-66259940
    fax-no: +86-10-66259764
    country: CN
    changed: 20090408
    mnt-by: MAINT-CNCGROUP
    source: APNIC

    person: sun ying
    address: fu xing men nei da jie 97, Xicheng District
    address: Beijing 100800
    country: CN
    phone: +86-10-66030657
    fax-no: +86-10-66078815
    nic-hdl: SY21-AP
    changed: 19980824
    changed: 20060717
    changed: 20090630
    source: APNIC

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